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Bonrix SMPP Gateway is complete solution for bulk messaging.
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About organization

Bonrix Software Systems is the leading Group SMS Software provider in INDIA. It commenced from the year 2001.
With a base of talented and highly motivated Indian IT professionals Bonrix Software System provide high-quality service by:
1. Providing unparalleled customer support.
2. Developing long relationships with our clients.
3. Using the best development technologies available.
4. Using the latest software development methodologies.
5. Being abreast of every new technology arena.

Company work areas

  1. Android based point-of-sale system for tablet
  2. Text messaging solution SMS via sim and internet
  3. GPS based vehicle tracking and personal tracking solution
  4. DND mobile number scrubbing & filtering solution
  5. Web & LAPU sim based multisum mobile recharge system
  6. Bulk voice call campaining and auto dialer solution
  7. SMS and live Quotes system for market rates on mobile & desktop
  8. SMS Aggregator and web bases SMS reselling solution


1. Quality
We are stubborn ? as far as the quality is concerned that's the way we are. We believe in receiving best, and we know that prior to receiving, giving best is required. And we follow what we believe.

2. Adaptability
The solutions we offer are based on personal requirements of every client. We first study the requirements of our client, suggest a solution and finally make appropriate changes according to their feedback. The bottom line is that the client need should be met. Our technical expertise and innovative concepts allow us to adapt to the client's need.

3. Technology
Bonrix Software Systems are expertise in the field of IT Solutions the most revolutionary field. The latest technology is used to execute the work in the area of Information Technology field. Bonrix's expert staff deal with most modern, major software platforms, with a specific focus on ASP, Microsoft .NET and J2ME. We have many complex projects on Microsoft platform, utilizing the most appropriate toolsets and development systems for the specific task.

The philosophy - Idea of working

1. Giving sets the ground for receiving. That's the dictum we live and work by. The world might have forgotten, but we are convinced that the Barter is still on. On a deeper level what we exchange is Value.

2. We don't sell services, nor do we sell products. We exchange satisfaction. And that's the reason we don't build customer lists, instead, we create working relationships. This is achieved by a well defined set of values that drive every operation of our company. The values we so ardently stick to are listed below.

3. Bonrix Software Systems knows philosophy of the company is the key factor of success. Bonrix Software continues to operate on the premise that good ideas properly implemented are the keys to success. And those ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. We reject the typical hierarchical model of many modern businesses, in which managers lead and everyone else follows.

4. The Philosophy of the company is the exchange the Value.

  • Satisfaction - customer satisfaction, team satisfaction
  • Excellence - continuous expansion of productivity
  • Growth - encompassing more and more companies in orb of service
Bonrix co in
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